The Finding Brand book asks: "What if your business had a well-defined brand?"

If you take two businesses with the same business model, pricing, and location, one which had a well-defined brand, while the other did whatever felt right. Nine times out of 10 you would see the business that practiced good branding is the one that would succeed.

Don't you want that kind of opportunity for your business? In Finding Brand: A Step by Step Guide to Intentionally Creating Your Brand, Global Brand Guru, Tisha Oehmen, teaches you, step by step, how to intentionally craft your brand and use it as a foundation for your business success.

Each simple step in this guide offers you an explanation of the concept, examples from other businesses, an example of how to complete the exercise yourself before turning you loose to do the same for your own business. Each exercise will help you reveal a new facet of your brand position, allowing you to uncover a bit more of your brand.

Get your own copy of one of the Finding Brand book editions, direct from Amazon here:

*People ask what the difference is between the blue Finding Brand book and the orange Finding Brand book. The orange one is a little more accessible to non-marketing professionals. It addresses creating a brand.

The blue book is more appropriate for marketing professionals who understand that in the act of creating a brand book a brand is created. The blue version is more complete, with discussions on how the actual brand book is constructed in addition to the brand creation exercises.

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